Specialising in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, we provide courses delivered by experienced and qualified marketing practitioners.  You’ll learn using relevant case studies and examples, and will leave equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to implement what you’ve learned.  All material is based on the professional standards of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Led by Chartered Marketers, courses will benefit those who would like to enhance existing insight and knowledge or prepare for examined CIM courses.  You can join a scheduled course, or plan an in house session for you and your colleagues.  Or perhaps mentoring is more your thing.  Have a look and see what you think, and why not get in touch to discuss your needs?

Example Courses:

  1. Use Your Iphone to Create Great Content
  2. Marketing Essentials
  3. Integrated Marketing Communications
  4. The UK Healthcare Environment
  5. The Digital Toolbox
  6. The Rise of the Non Clinical Buyer:
  7. Branding
  8. Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Sector

Example Feedback:

“The training was so enjoyable, thank you so much.  I particularly enjoyed the activities as this helped me put what I’d learnt into practice.”

“I feel equipped to take on my new marketing role.  This course has given me the tools and knowledge needed do my job.”

“A fun and relaxing way to learn. Thanks!”